Matisec designs, develops, produces and markets chemical intervention suits, guaranteeing complete, reliable and safe protection. Meeting the EN 943-2 standard, they allow various rescue operations in dangerous environments, in corrosive chemical, liquid or gaseous media.
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The ULM II suit uses different assembly and construction technologies than elastomeric suits. It is made of multi-layer films which ensure compliance with the EN 943 type 1A standard while guaranteeing flexibility and lightness. The material composition of this suit offers maximum resistance to a wide range of liquid and gaseous chemicals. Its watertightness meets the internal pressure test of EN 464 and ISO 17491-1.

Technical sheet

Packaged in a transport bag, the microlight is also packed in a waterproof bag to ensure that it is in good working order. This packaging simplifies the annual inspection, which is limited to a visual check.


Fixed gloves and boots

The gloves and boots are permanently attached, allowing for quick donning. However, they can be changed during annual maintenance if required.



Ventilation valve

The internal ventilation can be supplied by an adjustable tap. It can be connected to an external air source (network, trolley, etc) increasing the autonomy of the unit.